Virtual Tours

Frequently asked questions about Virtual Tours

How are the Tours Made?

Virtual Tours are made by taking a precise series of photographs and digitally blending/stitching them together to form a full 360 circle or partial 360 circle image.  This image is then enhanced for quality, sized for the web and uploaded into the tour webpage that users see today.
The Virtual Tour webpage/template uses an embedded JavaScript viewer for friendly and intuitive navigation while managing speed of download/viewing on the internet. After developing the virtual tours, I send you a simple website link (URL) that goes to your virtual tour which can be used on your other sites and other marketing
by linking to your tour.


How are the Flyers made?

After the images have been edited and all property descriptions and realtor info have been received, I will design a custom full color property flyer to be emailed for your editing , then saved to a CD as JPEG or PDF file for easy printing. (I generally include 3 panoramic images in body and two thumbnail images at the top).


What kind of camera equipment is used?

All professional Nikon camera equipment is used to create tours to ensure high quality images. A special panoramic tripod head is mounted and every shot must be set up which requires much patience and skill.


How long does it take to shoot a Virtual Tour?

An average home generally takes between 2-3 hours depending on square feet, lighting situations and number of images to be shot.


How is QuickTime used?

QuickTime movies are used in many 360 views of interiors and exteriors of properties when shooting with a wide angle lens. You may see some curving or bending of walls etc, on original panoramic image, however when played as a Quicktime movie the distortion or bending is eliminated.


Instructions to play panoramic images as a QuickTime Movie:

1. When panoramic image is displayed in tour there will be a prompt “Interactive View” that pops up in the center, then in the top right of viewer.

2. Simply click this icon and it will play using QuickTime. You will be able to pan and zoom around within the image.


Can you put my personal contact information on the virtual tour?

I can post whatever you'd like on your Branded tour including your company banner or logo, personal photo, contact information and a link to your website.


Can I upload to Realtor.com?

Yes. After your tour is completed and all correct property information is verified, I will

                       then upload your tour to Realtor.com. There will be a red spinning house on which visitors will click to go directly to the Virtual Tour.


How should we prepare for the shoot?

We want the property to look it's best so in 'show ready' condition is what we are looking for.


What is the turnaround time?

All tours will be completed and uploaded on the web with all fees paid within 24 hours.

(For Standard Tour)-Tour Links, images and invoice sent via email.

(For Deluxe Tour)-Property flyer and all images are copied to a CD and mailed out with invoice, usually in 2 days time depending on situations.


How do I pay for the tours?

Invoicing is done after the tour is complete. I send you an invoice via email and you can send a check for payment.


What are the travel Fees?

Travel fees appy when outside of a 25 mile radius at a rate of $50 per hour.